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GSS curriculum is based on the traditional academic curriculum for pre-school programs in Connecticut with the additional advantage of being taught entirely in Spanish. We believe that children learn other languages best at an early age. Through independent play, real-life experiences and teacher-directed activities, children develop the skills necessary to learn pre-school writing, reading, math, science and social studies not just in one language but two.

The Public Health Code (Section 19a-79-8a) of Connecticut requires that pre-school programs include:

·        indoor and outdoor physical activities for fine and gross motor development;

·      problem-solving experiences to facilitate concept formation, language development and sensory discrimination;

·       creative experiences to develop and express ideas and feelings including:

- art and media

- dramatic play

- music

- language and

- motor activity

·      language learning with spontaneous conversation and experiences with books, poems, stories and songs;

·      experiences to promote self-reliance and build self-esteem including, self care of body and clothing, care of possessions and shared group responsibility for equipment and materials;

·       health education to model good health practices, sound nutrition and safety awareness.

Programs should include child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities, exploration and discovery, varied choices for children in materials and equipment, individual and small group activities, active and quiet play, rest, sleep or quiet activity and toileting and clean up

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